If certifying users is a hush hush affair, Facebook’s temporary month long ban on users sending friend requests or messages to those it considers ‘strangers’ leaves many unanswered questions. The logic that an unconfirmed friend request or one sent to a user with nil or very few mutual friends, implies it was sent to a stranger, is flawed. What if the ‘befriended’ user is a new comer to Facebook and has no mutual friends? Or, if the user is inactive and does not see and therefore doesn’t confirm a friend request? What is the time frame within which a friend request must be accepted before Facebook jumps to the conclusion that it was sent to a stranger? Why can’t such information be put out in the public domain?.

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What it means, clinically, is sort of the big question, is when does CTE start to produce symptoms in people, what do those symptoms look like, how do they progress, what is the disease itself. We’re really just beginning to describe the natural history of what CTE means in a living person and especially when we’re looking at things that are very, very common in the population in general, such as depression and dementia. Those things become difficult to tease out.